Why Qber

We Don’t Sell Products, We Advise Solutions

We don’t have sales targets or a list of Products to sell. At Qber, our mission is to help you grow financially in a way that suits you best. We have no ulterior motive or bias as we don’t own any products, instead focus solely on your individual growth.
We recognize every individual and business is unique and tailor our plans in a way that best suits your personality and investment style. With a combined experience of over 26 years in the financial industry, our team brings you dependable, reliable and creditworthy advice at all times.

When we grow, we grow together

Our revenue and success is determined by our investor’s success, so when we grow, we grow together! This philosophy lends itself to a committed work ethic built on integrity and trust that is rarely found when dealing with traditional agents. We have a transparent and flexible fee structure without any hidden costs ensuring complete honesty in all our dealings.
We believe in establishing a personal relationship that is beyond just a typical Broker-client association. We aim to provide a uniquely personal experience to all of our clients and build lasting relationships. We use state of the art technology for all our investment plans and help manage portfolios in a very professional yet customised manner.