How we work

Your dreams, our plans!

Every financial plan requires a goal and we tailor-make your investment plan according to your goals. Here’s how we formulate the plan towards your goals:


All About You

We schedule a meet-up to get to know you and your current financial situation a little better. We understand where you are and where you want to be. We will need to discuss details regarding your occupation, your savings & investments, your mortgage, your current liabilities and your tax position to build a profile which will help us to formulate a customised financial plan for you.


Your Goals & Ambitions

Now that we know where you are, it is time to take a look at where you want to be. Next, we discuss your objectives and your aspirations, as well as any concerns that may arise. We will talk about your risk appetite and your motivations to glean your overall financial position.



Here we put together all your data and begin brainstorming on some initial thoughts for the plan. We’ll offer you our expert recommendations and the best actions required for you to potentially achieve your goals.


How To Get There

Once we have worked out all the concerns and have discussed the important actions, it is time to devise the route that will best get you to your goals with your Personal Financial Plan. Based on your financial plan we will also share with the cost of our financial advice at this point. Once you are onboard with our plan we then move on to the next phase.



The Financial Plan, mutually agreed on by both parties, is implemented with details of all relevant investments supplied to you in an organised and timely manner.


Periodic Review, Modification And Updates

To ensure you are at ease with your investments we can set up review dates and ensure that the progress is in line with your goals. Here, we can also make any modifications to your plan if desired, to best achieve all your goals. Every review meeting will help us update you on your progress as well as tweak your plan according to your wishes. The charge for this service will be discussed with you at a prior time for complete transparency.