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Qber Asset Advisors- ‘We honor your life’s work’

We are an Investment Advisory firm committed to guiding you on your financial journey to meet your unique financial goals and aspirations. We don’t believe in selling products but in assisting you to manage your hard-earned money in a way that works for you. Read more

In just 7 months of operation, Qber Asset Advisors has been awarded as one of the best Emerging Advisors Award Pan India by Wealth Forum Platinum Circle.

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Why Qber

Unbiased Solutions that suits your need

At Qber, we do not sell products, we advise solutions. We tailor our plans in a way that best suits your personality & investment style

When we grow, we grow together

Our revenue and success are determined by our investor’s success. This philosophy is rarely found with traditional agents.

Transparent fees structure

We have a transparent and flexible fee structure without any hidden costs ensuring complete honesty in all our dealings.

Personalised advice from the experts

All our advisors are specialised in the field of Finance and having an experience of 12 years + in the industry

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Life goals can include buying a house, saving for your child’s higher education or planning for retirement. The Financial Planning Process consists of six steps that help you take a ‘big picture’ look at where you are currently. Using these six steps, you can work out where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goals.


Insurance is a highly misunderstood product and it’s often bought and sold for the wrong reasons. At the same time it’s a very important part of your life and you must know certain ground rules for making the right decisions in this year.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a contract by which you can protect yourself against specific losses by paying a premium over a period of time.

Health Insurance

With medical costs spiraling out of control and the increase in shift to lifestyle diseases, healthcare today is at its all-time high in terms of treatment costs.

Value Added Services

We offer customised financial advice across services to both our business and individual clients.

  • Estate Planning & Wills

  • Real Estate Fund

  • Legal, Taxation and Investment Banking

  • Lending

Our Products

We customise your plan to utilise financial products to meet your goals. These include

Fixed Income

With a range of choices including Bonds, Debt Mutual Funds, Corporate fixed Deposits etc, these are important investment products, that help diversify risk and earn regular income.

Shares, Stocks, F&O

Investing directly in stocks is proved to be the exclusive route to long-term wealth creation. However, it carries with it an element of high risk. Hence we recommend the guidance of a reliable expert.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds let you invest across a range of asset classes to help achieve your financial goals in the most simple and efficient manner.


Ideal for investors looking to invest in asset classes like equity, fixed income etc ,and who desire personalised investment solutions and who appreciate a high level of service.


You insure your car and your home. But nothing is more important than your life and your ability to make a living. So it makes good sense to insure your greatest asset – you!

Private Equity Funds

Private equity funds make equity investments in unlisted businesses. The private equity investor will generally take a controlling position in the business in order to foster active ownership.

Real Estate Funds

Real Estate is an important growth driver in any portfolio and an important ingredient in terms of Asset Allocation

Alternate Investment Funds

AIF are investments primarily done by HNI’s or institutional investors into asset classes other than stocks, bonds and cash.

Check your portfolio, Scheme wise comprehensive report & much more.

Now invest 24*7 in the mutual fund schemes of your choice without any hassles.

Download KYC and FATCA Forms and check your KYC status.

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